Products we provide

Although the needs and possibilities will vary from one facility to another, most of the elements that make up the physical infrastructure are essentially the same. In mission-critical environments, we know that reliable products and responsive service are everything. We know it isn’t an option for your equipment to perform below expectations or for your security to be anything short of cutting edge. For data centers, your building is your product. We recognize this and take your mission seriously.

At IDCS we offer a wide range of products to ensure our clients perform mission-critical tasks as smoothly as possible. Crucial missions require continuous uptime which can be achieved by implementing our solutions which include utilization of Power solutions, Cooling solutions, ICT solutions, Security solutions, Fire Protection solutions, Monitoring solutions and a whole line of products which can not only save your business but protects it from various unwanted problems. Our industry expertise and manufacturing partnerships bring the latest data center technology to refurbish existing facilities or provide stand-alone solutions that can be deployed anywhere. The same approach can be scaled up or down to suit each application.

We know what it takes to build successful data centers – and successful partnerships. In mission-critical environments, reliable products and responsive services are everything.