A data center assessment is conducted for a variety of reasons – optimizing cooling, increasing redundancy, improving energy efficiency, and more. Assessments are critical over the lifecycle of a data center facility because technology is constantly being upgraded; the most effective way of delivering power, cooling and telecommunications to support that technology will likely change over the course of a data center’s usable life, which is typically 15-20 years (at a minimum). Many data centers today experience this challenge and are left trying to use aging power and cooling infrastructure to support cutting-edge technology.

Existing data centers that have been through several technology refreshes will benefit from modernization efforts like aisle containment, cooling augmentations, and more. However, developing a path to improving your data center should begin with an in-depth assessment of your existing facility. Many organizations offer standardized data center assessment services that provide a quick ‘health check’ of your data center.

At IDCS, we believe that each data center is unique and that any data center assessment needs to be customized. More importantly, developing a plan to upgrade an existing, live data center requires careful coordination to ensure the uptime of the infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive array of facility and support infrastructure assessment services aimed at providing clients with recommendations that save money, reduce the time spent implementing upgrades and improvements, and maximize the  availability of data centers, computer rooms and other mission critical facilities.

Our experienced team performs on-site data center assessments to examine the current performance and design of your facility. This is helpful when planning for the future as it identifies existing and future power and cooling capabilities. By conducting a Single-Point-of-Failure (SPOF) analysis our engineers are able to identify issues that may result in possible system interruptions and offer solutions to rectify the issue. The data center site assessment can also be helpful in identifying and resolving electrical issues within the facility. Data Center power quality problems can occur based on any number of issues like changes to your systems (adding & removing equipment), the age or your facility, harmonics, poor design installation practices, improper wiring between or within systems, or improper grounding.

IDCS’s data center assessments provide a thorough look into your facility and crucial systems. Our approach takes into consideration current performance, as well as preparedness for the future. After inspection and analysis of your facility our engineers will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the findings. The report will identify any potential trouble spots and offer solutions and recommendations for rectifying the issues. Our comprehensive report will include design considerations, technology improvements and maintenance programs necessary to “harden” your facility against possible interruptions. Our Assessment Approach/Tools helping in ensuring your projects succeed includes but is not limited to