Data Center Physical Infrastructure Assessment

This evaluation will provide a thorough assessment of the key physical infrastructure aspects. Included in this service is a report that outlines your physical infrastructure’s readiness to support current and future needs.  A benchmark comparison is also completed, including a rating of dozens of specific facets of your physical infrastructure for compliance with industry standards and best practices.

The end result is reliable information that enables you to make informed decisions about how to optimize your current data center operations and prepare your physical infrastructure to support future technology deployments.

To understand the health of your data center, Our Physical Infrastructure Evaluation provides a thorough on-site appraisal of 7 key systems, 20+ sub-systems and 140+ detailed areas based on industry standards and best practices. The evaluation rates the current health of your data center, its readiness to support future objectives, and how it compares with your peers’ data centers as well as remediation steps to optimize your physical infrastructure.

Areas of Assessment:-

Thermal Performance and Airflow – Identifies problematic hot spots with thermal imaging and evaluates your thermal management based on American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) guidelines and industry best practices.

Power – Identifies room, row, and rack-level power issues based on tier rating and high-density requirements.

Racks and Cabinets – Evaluates physical layout and ability to house, manage, and support high-density, high-performance networking, computing, and storage equipment.

Cabling – Evaluates readiness for upgrades and the ability to support dynamic Moves, Adds and Changes.

Pathways – Reviews the physical routing of network connectivity throughout the data center and the ability to support future build-outs.

Server Room – Evaluates room layout, design, and condition. Inclusive of; Raised floor, Partitioning, Door, Window.

Cooling – Evaluates cooling performance and efficiency and ability to support current operations; FCU, Chiller, AHU.

Fire Detection and Suppression – Evaluates and perform functionality test and effectiveness based on NFPA 75 guidelines and industry best practice.

Security and Access Control – Evaluates and review physical security and access to data center premises and facility; Security portal, CCTV monitoring system, Door access control.

During the on-site assessment, our engineer will evaluate your current data center environment based on industry standards and best practices, assessing a representative sample of racks large enough to provide data for a solid analysis of your physical infrastructure. This information will be analyzed to determine if your physical infrastructure:

  • Is optimized to support your current network operations
  • Will support your future objectives