Once we’ve designed your data center, we bring our extensive knowledge, expertise and skills to bear on all aspects of the construction. We provide overall project management services for your build, developing estimates and budgets, coordinating vendors, conducting site supervision, obtaining permits and providing general construction services. Our turnkey construction services allow you to complete your data center build within specifications, on time and on budget. We ensure your project is a success.

Data centers come in all shapes in sizes, from rooms of just a few hundred square feet to massive server farms so big you could fit more than 100 football fields inside them. Whatever the size or type of data center project, the construct and install phase involves the exact meeting of the detailed design specifications and budgets whilst remaining within the given time frame. Our expertise in data center design and build means that we are able to work closely and efficiently with external contractors to ensure that your data center build remains within budget whilst meeting your exact design requirements.

The data center construction phase is impacted by all preceding events, missing just the smallest detail could can wreak havoc later on. IDCS’ project managers are diligent about ensuring key milestones for the project and the schedules created are being followed and are on track. Weekly meetings with our clients are schedule driven so that progress can be discussed and responsibilities for future action noted.

The procurement phase is a critical component of data center construction management. Our project managers devote considerable effort and attention to the organization of this function. Our project managers establish key dates and monitor submittal and delivery cycles for long-lead equipment. This requires a keen eye on vendor management – developing an early, clear, and concise view of every vendor’s role.

In today’s world, constructing data centers is no easy task. Our internal network of resources including our product specialists, electrical and mechanical engineers, and specialized technicians all work together to ensure construction standards, schedule, and design specs are adhered.

All of our clients are assigned a full- time project manager and site supervisor giving access to a single point of contact for the duration of the process, to make sure we give full support and answer any questions in regards to your data center construction enquiries. We are committed to meeting each project’s specific requirements to ensure our clients a competitive price, schedule certainty, long-term value and environmental sustainability. We perform full technical design specifications, project management, supervision and fully managed maintenance packages. IDCS’ data center construction phase includes: