Data Center Construction Cost Estimating

For most developments and construction projects, the cost of the venture is analyzed closely after the initial plan is visualized. Getting accurate and informative estimation of the investment is vital to determine the project’s viability and ensure the financial risk is leveraged in a positive direction for the stakeholders. It goes without saying that it is a driving factor for most real estate developer’s business decisions.

IDCS’s advantage to construction cost estimating is that we take a holistic view in how much it costs to construct a building or perform a repair. Our years of experience gained in construction forensics has given us the deep insight on the breakdown of construction costs, seeing what works and what doesn’t. We apply those lessons learned to our client’s benefit. We do more than analyze every inch of material and hour of work, we look how it comes together and how choices affect the final figure.

Our estimating process is forward-thinking and predictive in nature. There are many factors that influence construction cost estimate reports such as including current labor rates, material prices, and site constraints. Additionally, there are external factors such as macroeconomic trends and current political landscape that can influence the construction cost estimate report. We also consider market volatility, commodity prices, and the current availability of labor for a given project location.

We assess our Client’s needs on a project-by-project basis. As a result, each deliverable we submit varies in level of granularity. To meet the specific needs of our Clients, our construction cost estimate reports are specifically tailored to create a clear understanding of probable construction costs.

Construction Cost Management Services:

  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Milestone Estimates
  • Value Engineering
  • Pre- and Post-Bid Analysis Studies
  • Pre and Post-Contract Audit Services
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Budget Development and Financial Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Forecasting / Escalation Studies
  • Change Order Management
  • BIM Cost Modeling

We provide our clients, both public and private institutions, with expert, data-driven advice on their construction projects. Henceforth, our approach is built upon the rigorous guidelines to create objective, reliable, and defensible assessments of probable construction costs.

Our Process

Step 1

Formal Kick-off Meeting

The goal of this meeting is for the project team to develop a detailed schedule for timely delivery.

Step 2

Detailed Quantity Survey

This is the process of translating current design drawings into resource quantities suitable for costing.

Step 3

Material, Equipment and Labor Pricing

Material pricing includes procurement of supplier pricing. Equipment and Labor pricing considers crew size, wage agreements & equipment costs.

Step 4

Additional Cost Considerations

Include cost adjustments for specific project conditions such as inclement weather, material logistics, site constraints, job site overheads which include bonds, permits, mobilization, temporary facilities, travel, lodging, demobilization, and more. 

Step 5

QC & Cold Eyes Review

This ensures that proper estimating methods, procedures, techniques, data and guidelines have been employed during compilation of the Cost Estimate. 

Step 6

Project Close-Out

Ultimately, these sessions result in valuable insights and ensures that our team members are aware of current cost trends and the driving forces behind them.