In order to judge whether or not you require our expert data center consulting services, it is vital to understand what data center consists of. In simple words, data centers are centralized locations and/or sites where networking and computing equipment is concentrated for the purpose of collecting, processing, storing, distributing or allowing access to large amounts of data. Owing to the fact that they consist of an organization’s most vital and proprietary assets, data centers are significant to the continuity of daily operations in any business with a digital operational platform.

Our data center experts possess both; the skill and expertise to offer data center consultation by covering all aspects of the life cycle of an ideal data center. From assisting our clients in determining what they need and when they need it to designing a proposed data center, to performing an audit and maintaining it, we provide a comprehensive consulting services that are consistent with relevant international data center standards. We enable you to save resources and enhance your business’ physical security and efficiency by effectively optimizing the operations through a detailed analysis of the technology and resources used.

Our experienced consultants provide you with credible services in order to ensure that all your valuable data is adequately protected and supported using the right and relevant IT infrastructure. We provide consulting services to our clients to meet up-to-date Data Center requirements through our advanced design technical capabilities incorporating cutting edge technology and methodology that are compliant to industry standards. We understand every phase of the data center development and construction process and can guide you  through the entire project – from beginning to success.

Following free quote and an initial no obligation meeting to identify the requirements and drives of a project, we will provide a strategy plan that best addresses your objectives. This approach ensures continuity with any report, recommendations and findings. From general advice to managing and designing design and build projects of all sizes, our data center consultancy experts will ensure you get the right advice first time, every time. Upon completion, and based on the findings of our data center consultancy feasibility reports, energy audits and assessments, we will provide you with a conclusive summary and strategy to move forward with your design and build project, office relocation, or power and cooling upgrade. Our in-house technical and Auto CAD engineers offer a full data center consultancy service that complements our design solutions, ensuring that best practices and recommendations standards are adhered to.