Data Center Certification

With few exceptions, companies today rely heavily on IT for the delivery of business-critical services often directly to the  end consumer. It is therefore vital that the mission-critical Data Center is designed, maintained and operated with high availability and efficiency in mind. When building and operating a data center one wants to ensure that it has been designed and built based on globally accepted standards, yet have the flexibility to adapt to the business requirement.

Any individual or company looking to utilize a data center’s services needs a guaranteed level of quality. There has to be some assurance that their equipment will not fail and that their data will always be available. The most commonly recognized guarantee is certification. Certification asserts that the center complies with a predetermined list of standards.

At IDCS , our data center certification consultancy is focusing to help you on preparing all criteria to meet data center classification standard. We can give recommendation of actions and best practices in order to improve your Data Centers with detailed action plan.

Certification of your data center infrastructure increases the confidence in your ability to provide secure and reliable data management services. We provide consultancy to certify your infrastructure compliant with the requirements according to national and international standards, such as ANSI/TIA 942 (Telecommunications Industry Association) and Uptime Institute with a range of Rating/Tier 1 – 4. We conduct a risk analysis and help you implement systematic maintenance and system management procedures to support uninterrupted service. Strengthen your corporate image and market share with our data center infrastructure certification.

We assist you in your voluntary commitment to excellence with comprehensive services for the certification of your data center infrastructure. Our consultancy in obtaining certification is based on requirements established in the internationally recognized ANSI-TIA 942 standard as well as Uptime Institute.

The main aim of classifying a data center design in terms of  Rating/Tier is to establish its resilience to failures. The aim of a higher Rating/Tier is to remove single points of failure from the design and to enable maintenance to take place on the infrastructure without the need to shut down all or part of the IT systems (often referred to as concurrent maintainability).

For each of the categories, the data center will be categorized in four Rating/Tier levels (Rated 1-4), as well as an overall rating level.

Rating/Tier Level**

  • Rated-1: Basic Site Infrastructure (Uptime 99.67%, 28.8 hours of annual downtime)
    A data center which has single capacity components and a single, non-redundant distribution path serving the ICT equipment. It has limited protection against physical events. It includes a dedicated space for IT systems; an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to filter power spikes, sags, and momentary outages; dedicated cooling equipment that won’t get shut down at the end of normal office hours; and an engine generator to protect IT functions from extended power outages.
  • Rated-2: Redundant Capacity Component Site Infrastructure (Uptime 99.75%, 22 hours of annual downtime)
    A data center which has redundant capacity components and a single, non-redundant distribution path serving the ICT equipment.  It has improved protection against physical events. The redundant components include power and cooling equipment such as UPS modules, chillers or pumps, and engine generators.
  • Rated-3: Concurrently Maintainable Site Infrastructure (Uptime 99.98%, 1.6 hours of annual downtime)
    A data center which has multiple independent distribution paths serving the ICT equipment. From a conformity point of view, it is acceptable to have one distribution path serve the ICT equipment with the second distribution path to be on standby for maintenance purposes. However, most data centers use both distribution paths on a continuous basis. The data center is required to be concurrently maintainable meaning that each and every capacity component including elements/components which are part of the distribution path, can be removed/replaced/serviced on a planned basis without disrupting the ICT capabilities to the End-User. It has protection against most physical events.
  • Rated-4: Fault Tolerant Site Infrastructure (Uptime 99.99%, 0.8 hours of annual downtime)
    A data center which has multiple independent distribution paths serving the ICT equipment which are all active. The data center allows concurrent maintainability and one (1) fault anywhere in the installation without causing downtime. The data center must be capable to automatically detect a fault, automatically isolate the fault and to automatically continue operation. It has protection against almost all physical events.

We provide you the expertise you need to develop, implement and maintain a secure and reliable data center infrastructure. Take advantage of our experience to ensure a certified data center infrastructure!