Data Center Feasibility Study

A Data Center Feasibility study is intended to identify the potential ‘risk and reward’ of any new data center project. IDCS helps client to understand potential ROI, risk factors and the impact of change resulting from any new data center initiative. By spending time on a feasibility study, organizations are armed with all the information they need to decide the best route forward.

Whether you are planning a new data center, intend to refit an existing data center or are considering a data center consolidation project, an understanding of the potential impact of such a project on your organization is essential. The purpose of a feasibility study is to assess the impact of any change in your data center infrastructure in terms of risk, cost and returns is the first step in determining whether a planned data center project is the correct approach for your organization. It will also identify any areas for further investigation.

Every organization is different and work within their IT environments in a completely unique manner. We therefore tailor our data center feasibility study to fit within your specific agenda or requirements. A server room or data center feasibility study includes high level designs, budget quotations and detailed cost analysis. This information will support your business case for capital fund requests, for either new build construction or data center hosting projects.

Our data center feasibility study generally requires an initial consultation. This helps us to get to know you and your objectives, and to establish the requirements and drivers of your project. We’ll then carry out a site survey, depending on the level of detail required, our typical turnaround times are two to three days. During this time, we’ll complete the findings, recommendations and conclusions. You’ll receive the report of your data center feasibility study in a professional format to credibly support your business case.

IDCS takes a holistic view of the organization, its infrastructure and the reasons behind any proposed data center project. All elements of the project, from the team deployed, the number of expert consultants allocated and the length of time taken will be determined by your organizations’ requirements.

We will approach the Data Center Feasibility Studies by identifying the key design criteria for the two (2) main areas of the project focus within the overall data center infrastructure and services; the Technology Infrastructure & Services (IT) and the Support Infrastructure & Services (the Facility). The key design criteria are,

What to Expect From Our Data Centre Feasibility Study?

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Management summary
  • Buildings and premises
  • Mechanical infrastructure
  • Environments and hardware analysis
  • Electrical infrastructure Data connectivity
  • CAPEX / OPEX& ROI models
  • Feasibility study summary of findings
  • Recommendations

Our team will help you identify everything you need to know to make sure that your project is a success, and then work along with you every step up of the way to make sure that knowledge is being applied correctly.