Data Center Project Management

To deliver a truly successful Data Center project that achieves the goals of business it serves, the project should be managed as a single system implementation, this involves clearly defining the business objectives of the project, then structuring facilities, IT design, build and management processes around these objectives. With this in mind it is important that the project leader understands the full lifecycle of the modern business and Data Center to avoid results and do not satisfy all stakeholders requirements.

IDCS has experiences in delivering a range of data center project management services. We understand that whatever the type or scale of the undertaking strict co-ordination of all process elements is vital to the success, timely delivery  and overall cost of any data center project. The success of any data center project is determined by the strength of the planning and process design and implementation. Whether you are designing and building a new data center or refitting, consolidating or migrating an existing facility, the multi-discipline nature of the procedure means that strict co-ordination is vital.

Our project managers will work with stakeholders to develop a program that accommodates and overcomes all associated constraints. Our management process creates a highly efficient data center construction management approach utilizing our team of expert construction managers and highly qualified build teams. Our project plans ensure that tasks are completed in order and within the time frames designated for each. Throughout the data center installation project, we are vigilant in our safety, and quality practices – practices designed to protect your employees and ours. Moreover, we schedule our installations to minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Our project management professionals focus on providing dedicated oversight to address critical activities:-

  • Scheduling
  • Resources
  • Scope of Responsibilities
  • Continuity (hand offs)
  • Budget
  • System Changes
  • Process Defects
  • Status Reporting

Without proper data center project management, a design/build project can experience delays, increased costs and frustrated team members. Regardless of project size, activities need to be structured and standardized so everyone is on the same page and the project outcome is predictable. Strong project management makes sure nothing slips through the cracks or any effort is duplicated. Synchronization of all work and tasks and their completion in the correct order speeds up the project and ensures budgets do not rise.

Our goal is your satisfaction and we understand that means delivering consistent implementation, effective communication and ultimately delivering the project on-time and within budget.