Building a Data center is a complex challenge requiring specific design and engineering skills. IDCS will provide you with step-by-step design, planning and selection tools in order to define a facility design that minimizes costs and risk while supporting cost-effective long-term growth. Our comprehensive data center solutions including transformation, systems management devices and building secure and energy efficient infrastructure environment. We help you re-engineer data center infrastructure, align capacity with business outcomes and help customers realize full potential of their investments.

Data center facilities require specific industrial design and engineering requirements to meet the needs for fire-protection, power provisioning, stand-by power, cooling, physical security, and layout. General construction benchmarks are not always accurate – the absence of early budgeting and requirements definition risks cost overruns by as much as 25-50%.

Our consultants possess the expertise required to design and execute crucial Data Center processes from concept to deployment. We maximize results & efficiencies, minimize risks, and optimize workflow for your data center, with the overall goal of lowering total cost of ownership of IT assets and increasing your data center return on investment. It’s critical that your data center design offers the best solution when considering redundancy, resilience, future expansion and maintainability.

Data, UPS power and cooling systems should all be specified correctly to suit your IT load, along with server cabinet densities. Each data center design is driven by your server and network hardware, so we’ll consult with you regarding your current IT load as well as your expected future expansion, providing you with a design solution that suits today’s needs as well as the needs of the future. 

All of our designs adhere to all industry recommendations and best practices, including TIA-942 Telecommunications industry guidelines. As part of our data center design package, we’ll assist with your planning applications, provide you with full AutoCAD and 3D modelling, and comprehensive electrical and mechanical design – all as built and working drawings. Our expert design team have years of experience in providing efficient power and cooling systems within low, medium and high density IT environments, and can deliver cost effective, green resilient data center designs with a low annualized Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). We work closely with industry regulators and standards agencies to ensure all of our design, build and installations meet and exceed current standards and regulations.

IDCS possesses experience in data center design and application know-how and is focused on data center design as its main business, we have in-house engineering resources for providing a complete and detailed electro-mechanical, connectivity, security & surveillance, and architectural design for your Data Centre.